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12 Nov 2019

Misconceptions explained

Lets look at each misconception about skylights

Misconception # 1 - Skylights are a hassle to install

This is a commonly held misconception, mainly because a typical skylight is just one huge hole in your ceiling that is covered with a window. That is not something that sounds easy to install, so this misconception is true in that sense, but not all skylights are the same design. It can be easy to forget to account for modern technology, but skylights have progressed significantly.

A Solatube Skylight is not just a window in your ceiling – it’s a daylighting system consisting of a circular tube about the size of your average light fixture, which captures daylight through a dome which protrudes out of the roof, and gets distributed down to your room. This type of skylight only requires a small amount of ceiling space, and so is much easier to install.

What’s more, when you purchase a Solatube skylight, you don’t even install it yourself. A Certified Installation Consultant will visit your home at your convenience and install your daylighting system in just a few hours. They can even provide same day skylight installation in some cases!

Misconception # 2 - Skylights let in too much early morning light

It’s no surprise people would be opposed to putting in a skylight, as there are only a very select amount of people who enjoy being woken up before their alarm by the bright light of the sun. Thankfully, installing a Solatube skylight doesn’t have to mean early morning disruptions at all. With a daylight dimmer attached to a Solatube skylight, the user is able to control the amount of light received from it with just the flick of a switch.

Misconception # 3 - Skylights turn your home into an oven

It is true that too much light can overheat your home on those boiling hot summer days when it comes through your regular glassed windows, but Solatube skylights are a little different. Solatube technology is advanced to the point that it captures the maximum amount of light and transfers it into your home, while minimising the amount of heat that transfers along with it. The insulation properties are similar to having double glazed windows, so you don’t need to worry about any temperature changes at all!

Misconception # 3 - Skylights provide less efficient light than artificial light

It’s easy to assume that artificial light would be more effective than light that occurs naturally, especially in a country where sunny weather is so unpredictable. With Solatube skylights, natural daylighting is concentrated by the reflective technology installed within the tubes. These skylights have the technology to collect the maximum possible light from outside, so that the light that gets projected into your home is consistently bright.

It can also be easy to be concerned about lighting at night, when there really is no sun and most likely when you need light in your home the most. Solatube Daylighting Systems even have a solution for that! With the add on LED Light kit, you can literally use your Solatube as an electric light at night time; leaving your ceiling less cluttered.

So, there you have it, all your common misconceptions about skylights debunked! If you still aren’t convinced about installing skylights for your home, talk to the team at Solatube today to let us convince you of all the added benefits a skylight can add to yours and your family’s lives.